Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spiderman has nothing like this!

Spiderman, Superman, and the Hulk live life as average guys. Men you may or may not look twice at if they passed you in the street. But when danger confronts them, they quickly transform into superheros. The Hulk ripping through his rather thin tank, Spiderman pulling open his shirt to expose his spidy suit and Superman transforming discretely in the privacy of a phone booth. All three looking bigger than life and completely capable of facing any danger in front of them.

Well I have a little secret, I transform into something that's not quite a superhero, but feels super something. I call myself DysedGal. I too look like your average gal walking down the street, maybe slower than most, but surely pretty average looking. My super transformation doesn't need villains or catastrophes. It comes on quite suddenly and I'm sure if I were a real superhero, the transformation would feel identical.

I can feel the change begin slowly through my body like a gentle stream tingling slowly down each limb to my fingertips and toes. As I feel the tingling moving through my body, I can feel the strength leaving me like the sand on the shore being gently carried away to the ocean depths. My heart begins to pump erratically so hard and fast that it possibly could pound its way through my chest. My breath seams to quicken trying to catch up with my beating heart. My head becomes fuzzy, no longer able to produce a coherent thought, not even the ones that would protect my body or help alleviate the symptoms.

The transformation complete, but no superhero has been produced, just a super weak, tired, frightened body that can barely move a limb. I've been Dysed! After the symptoms that feel like I should be transforming into something amazing, I'm left weaker than I started off, not fair! DysedGal is not a fair exchange. Where's my cool superhero suit, I want to fly, to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Where are my bulging muscles, or maybe a few curvaceous curves in just the right places! What about my x-ray vision (blurry eyesight doesn't count). And while I'm at it, those superheros always get the cute girl, where's my super hot manly man? I think I deserve my fair share of superpowers! superhero, oh well, I only mention it because the feeling is so strong and so inhuman. It only takes a few seconds to go from semi-normal to a bowl of mush. I often refer to myself as a vampire because the changes often are connected with sun and heat, and it does feel like a chemical change is happening, a bubbling or simmering, it is so bazaar. Well I guess the closest I get to a superhero is my TV and my DVD player.

Maybe I'm not meant to be the rescuer, I just need to depend on the only one who can rescue me from myself! I've never made a single POTS transformation alone, I'm truly thankful to have God on my side through all this.

DysedGal signing out!

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