Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!

If you you live in Southern California you might think that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but for the rare few like myself, that's not the case. I was kidnapped last year for my birthday, and my awesome friends thought a visit to Disneyland would be the perfect gift! The time at Disneyland with those friends was absolutely amazing, but I personally don't get the draw to the place???? I just don't get how spending long periods of time in line to see the same dolls sing "It's a Small, Small World" over and over could possibly be exciting. The pirates are still chasing woman around and around and the ghost in the "Haunted Mansion" still plops himself next to you at the end of the ride. The balloons, hats and food are still the same as they were 40 years ago when I visited there as a child. Now I could be a bit jaded because I've been there so many times, and that may be the reason it has lost its magic for me. Though I do know people who go quit often and love it there.

I'm sure many of you wouldn't be too shocked to learn that my happiest place on earth would involve some sort of shopping. The middle of July was my favorite stores annual anniversary sale, woohoo! The catalogue for the sale comes a week before the sale, so I have a full week to drool over the shorty black swade boots, the Michael Kors pencil pants and Nine West blazer with the leather patches on the elbows! I decided I would take this slowly (the sale lasts three weeks), making a few trips and pace myself would be a smart way to approach it.

My first trip would be the shoe department, I can't imagine anything lovelier than a half a football field size space filled with nothing but designer shoes on orderly displays sorted by style, sigh. I've decided to shop for boots for my first visit, and had my selections ready to show the salesman. So I walk into the shoe department and after placing my eyeballs back in their sockets, and getting my heart rate back down to a semi normal level, I show the salesman my selections, and explain that I can't do to much shopping because of a medical condition. I tell him my size, and he heads to the back, he shortly returns with a plethora of boots for me to try on. I give him an appreciative smile and try on the studded black swade shorty boots with the big buckle on the side. They fit like a glove and I place them in the purchase pile. The salesman then pulls out a pair of very cute Frye boots for me to try on (they weren't on my list, but definitely too cute to pass up). I place my foot in the boot and I can't get my foot into the boot, I loop my fingers into the pulls on the side of the boots, and I can feel the energy zapping from my body. The next thing I know I've fallen to my side panting like a fish out of water. The salesman's eyes are now the size of saucers, and he asks if I'm OK. I show him one finger hoping he knows I just need a minute, I push myself slowly back up and try to compose myself. I look around and see all the lovely shoes, and I'm back in my happy place. The salesman recommends that I try standing and push my foot in, I really like the boots and give it a try. I stand up and bend over to reach for the pulls of the boots, that's when the room starts swaying and I fall forward, right into the poor salesman. He steadies me, and I fall back onto the couch. He gives me a concerned look and I immediately get the feeling he thinks I might be more trouble than the commission he could get from the sale. I smile and give up on the very cute boots, I'm thinking if my skinny foot doesn't fit, I can only imagine trying to get my BFF to fit! I explain to the salesman that if I have to go through this much trouble trying to get boots on in the morning, I would be too exhausted to go to work. He gives me a sympathetic smile, and I suggest something with a zipper. Another pair of darling knee high boots come out of the box and I am back in my happy place! The boots fit like a glove, and I place them in the purchase pile. I'm done for the day, and hand him my ATM card and purchase the boots. I head home with a gratifying smile on my face.

Round two is a planned shopping trip with my mom and daughter, first stop is the Nordstroms shoe department of course. I'm in need of a new pair of dress shoes and my mom and daughter want to try some things on as well. We've taken my wheelchair this time because we're planing on hitting several stores in the mall. I find a cute pair of patten leather flats to buy, and as I'm waiting I see a cute pair of leopard print flats, but ignore them because I don't really have allot to wear with them. My partners in crime also find very cute shoes to purchase, and we head up to the woman's clothing department. I find 3 pairs of the Michael Kors pencil pants, and make my purchase. I am now wishing I bought those cut leopard print flats, but I'm not going to drag my family back to the shoe department again.

We head out to the mall and go directly to my favorite lingerie store, Victoria Secret. I have a coupon for free panties, and it's a pretty place to shop. My 70 year old mom has never been there, and she picks up some thongs and pasties and heads for the sales counter, telling everyone she passes what she's purchasing. I turn several shades of red, and I hold on tightly to my shopping bag they let you use to conceal your purchases, in fear that my mom will show everyone my adorable yet very private pair of lace panties! We thankfully head out the door, and finish the rest of our shopping without any more embarrassing incidents (though my mom did tell the waitress we were eating lunch at about her special purchase).

Round three, last trip to my favorite store before the sale is over. I get there a few minutes early and too anxious to wait. I decide to walk around the building looking for the mall entrance. It's farther than I planned, and by the time I was in the store my heart rate was 117 and I was out of breath and shaking! I find a couch in the shoe department and lay down. I'm sure I looked like a drug addict or alcoholic, but I'm beyond caring at this point. A kind salesman sees me (the same one that helped me when I was with my family last week). He asks if I'm OK, and I tell him I just need a minute, and he asks where's my wheelchair. I explain that I usually don't need it if I'm just gong to one store, but that I stupidly had taken a longer route to get into the store and that I'd be fine in a minute. He waits quietly and I am quickly revived by my wonderful surroundings, the shoes are calling my name and the smell of fine leather is working its magic. I explain to the salesman the shoes I'm interested in and where I saw them last, and he heads back to get my shoes. He brings back several styles for me to try on, and I'm back in my happy place with a darling pair of Calvin Klein leopard print and patten leather flats!

The happiest place on earth is now my closet. I open the door close my eyes and smell the Italian leather and imagine all the possibilities. Happiness is all a matter of perspective.

Always inspired,
Shoe Diva Michele

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