Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Normal" sick leads to coughing, barf fest and a side bar of piddle pup!

OK, so I was wrong to be excited about being "normal" sick! How could I have possibly thought that being "normal" sick wouldn't trigger my POTS symptoms. You would have thought that with the experiences of having a type 1 diabetic daughter, that I would have known better. I guess getting caught up in having some degree of a "normal" illness must have caused a short episode of brain fog.

Well the novelty of being "normal" sick wore off within 12 hours. "Normal sick" entails abnormal amounts of bodily fluid excreting from almost every part of the head that has holes, which unfortunately triggered some part of my stomach to rebel without warning the first night. There's nothing like the shock of waking up to a barf fest in the middle of the night. Then the wonderful realization that I can't get out of bed because of the extreme dizziness of POTS. For some reason my sense of humor seems to always kick in at times like these, and I had to giggle at the thought that just 12 hours ago I was actually joyful over having this "normal" illness! My body found it's payback for laughing at something I should have treated with a little more dread and respect! Well the adrenaline rush from being sick and the loss of my sleeping meds makes the evening a wash.

The next day feels like a normal sick day with the added bonus of worsening POTS symptoms from losing my POTS meds the night before. That night I head for bed with hopes and prayers to have a night that doesn't resemble the night before. My prayers are answered LOL, this night is definitely different from the night before. I wake up coughing, the kind of cough that feels like hairy little creatures are running along my air passages. The coughing gets out of control, and next thing I know I'm peeing like a puppy who's excited to see its owner, hmmm, no wonder I can relate so well to my kindergartners! So I head for the bathroom to change clothes and finish what I started. I'm all cleaned up, I head for the kitchen looking for something safe I can take to relieve my cough, when a second coughing jag begins. The room begins to spin, and a second set of clothing has just bit the dust. Now I'm really mad! There shouldn't be an ounce of fluid to create this problem 30 seconds after leaving the restroom, come on! I realize that it's just my body's sense of humor reminding me that it's in control, and until I crown it as my master, it will continue to torment and remind me that it is the boss of me! So I surrender control back to my body, and I promise never to take lightly any medical condition that crosses my path.

I know I'm not the only girl around who has "lost it", I do have friends who have confidentially shared (I promise I won't rat you out!). But I have to know, are girls the only ones with this problem, do guys suffer from this too? I'm sure I'll never get an answer to that question (who would admit to something as humbling as tinkling in your pants, oh yah, I just did lol), but then again, maybe they paid their dews during puberty! Well,it's kegel time!

Humbled and learning,

Job 2:10
Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity? In all this Job did not sin with his lips.
Lesson: All month God has blessed me with help in my room every single day! I will accept adversity in the same manner as the blessings.

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