Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pamper yourself

Crash and burn
Been hit by a truck
Been put through the blender
Been put through the spin cycle
These are descriptions people use when their bodies hurt from head to toe, and how I usually feel from dawn till dusk

If I could pick a storybook character that I most resemble, it would be the princess in "Princess and the Pea". Being sensitive to the touch is not something new, I've experienced it as long as I can remember. I have had the uncanny ability to feel a wrinkle on my bedsheets or the seams in my cloths all my life. My former husband nicknamed me "Princess and the pea" very shortly after we were married.

Since my dysautonomia diagnosis, my sensitivity to touch has multiplied a hundred fold, and in the past month it has become even more pronounced. I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been hit by a truck, but I push through work and find the ability to mentally ignore the pain until I get home . I often look at different parts of my body for bruises that aren't there.

I was feeling pretty beat up one day last week, and headed for my bath, I went to grab my favorite washcloth, the one that is so soft it feels like a baby chick, and noticed it wasn't as soft as before. The disappointment surprised me, so I began to mull it over while I was soaking in the tub, and realized that I get very little positive physical experiences any more. Dysautonomiahas unfortunately stolen many things that give me pleasure, working out, shopping, gardening, singing, even cleaning makes me smile. Feeling the softness of that washcloth feels wonderful and makes me smile. I realized then that I needed to start filling my life with those small things that make me feel good. I began making a list.

1. Softy washcloths
2. Softy socks
3. Vanilla scented bath salts
4. Mango scented body butter
5. The smell of coffee brewing
6. Pistachio gelato
7. Dark chocolate dipped pretzel
8. The sound of rain
9.The sound of my water fountain
10. My garden when the birds and insects are weaving in and out of the flowers
11. The feeling of my dog Elmo curled up next to me

These are all things that are easy to include in my life every day. But for some reason I always had an excuse for not getting what I need. Family needs or energy spent to get those thing has hindered me every time. I am realizing that those things are my rainbow after the storm. I deserve the little things that make life more tolerable.

This weekend I found a way to get everything on my list. I explained to my children why I was sending them out on my own personal treasure hunt, and they responded with huge smiles on their faces. We all deserve the little things that make life enjoyable, God didn't create cotton or scents by accident, they were designed to enjoy. Even if you don't have an illness, it's important to fill your life with the things that make you smile, so you can be more joyful around those you love. Don't forget to pamper yourself, you and those around you deserve it.

Always inspired,

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