Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm a Super Freak, Super Freak, I'm super Freaky!

I'm a super freak! I would have downloaded Rick Jame's Super Freak, but I'm not THAT KIND of super freak. The song is kind of fun and catchy though.

It's Friday, and it has been a busy week. Back to school night, unruly students, PTA meeting, picture day, and alphabet party to end it all. I had plenty of volunteers, and the students had a blast using foamy letters to make A,B,C hats, letter name necklaces, stamping A,B,C's on vests, shaving cream writing and play-dough letters. But managing time, behavior, checking on groups and taking photographs can be very tiring. Thankfully all went well the rest of the day, but I was pooped.

To finish off the day I had a doctors appointment with my new doctor. I had to change insurance plans because of an increase of $350 on my former and much better plan. I was very nervous going from the top of the line insurance to the bottom. It's scary when your healthy, add having a rare chronic disease and it can be a nightmare. The new doctor was very nice. Then I told her I had dysautonomia and she replied "You have what?". I said it a second time, and she made a pretty good guess at what it is by it's name, which is a better response than I'm use to getting. I gave her my symptoms list along with the medications that work. While I was sitting on the examining table my feet turned a hideous shade of purple (my feet have a tendency to show off on the examining table), and her eyes popped out and she said "Is this normal?" I giggled and said yes, and apologized for not including that symptom in the list I just recited. She informed me that I should get some compression stockings, and I giggled again and said "I do wear them, but I'm a bit naked right now." She giggled too, so we're off to a good start. At least she gets my bazaar sense of humor. I requested a referral to my neurologist who specializes in POTS, and she informed me that it's next to impossible to get a referral outside their building. My sole purpose in choosing that medical group was that they were the only one in my plan to refer to my specialist. So I guess I'm on the road for some red tape and hassles. Oh well, what's new.

So I get home and I'm feeling more fatigued than usual. I take off my sweater, and my hands and arms are red, which is a new thing for me (my hands are usually red and purple and that's all). To top it off my arms are blotchy and spotty! I take off my shoes, and notice my feet and lower legs look the same. I decide to take it easy and I stick a frozen dinner inside the microwave. In 5 minutes and no effort dinner is ready. I watch "Say Yes to the Dress" and decide to call it a night. I get ready for my nice cool bath and as I step into the tub I notice my whole body has blotchy red spots "Nice"! As I dry off my swollen purple feet and my blotchy body, I start crying. I'M A FREAK! Then my wonderful sense of humor comes back and Super Freak begins to play in my head, and I feel a bit better. When I put my socks on I notice my feet are so red that they can be seen through my socks. I decide to show my daughter my freakiness, and I tell her that I'M A FREAK! She giggles and tells me "No mom, you're special!". Special is good, and a much more positive way to see things. So "I'm super special, super special, I'm super special now, da-da-da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-da-da-dum, da-dum, da-dum".


P.S. It's so funny my week ended this way. On Wednesday I actually thought I might be in remission, I felt almost normal Sunday through Thursday, I hadn't felt that good since before POTS. Funny how quickly things can change, just gotta role with the punches.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, freely you have received, freely give.


  1. Just before your blog came through on my reader I had just been complaining to my husband that with the storm system that blew through AZ early this week, I was feeling really good, more myself than I'd felt in ages, then Thursday KABLAM I started sliding back down the slope again. He pooh-poohed it, of course, but now you had the same experience... makes me go Hmmm!

  2. You are Super Special Michele, let no one including yourself tell you differently. Sorry you're back to red tape with your new docs. Makes me very glad I am here in Aus, you can pretty much see who you want here except for wait lists. Maybe it's time for you to come down here for a visit. My couch pulls out :)

  3. i get blotchiness more so than just full out discoloration.. I guess our bodies are trying a new fashion statement? Sorry to hear about the even more struggles of getting your neuro. referral done! and hopefully you have more good than bad days to come!