Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Facts

Well I've recently been awarded the Sugar Doll Award from two of my favorite bloggers, Michelle and Miranda, I am truly honored to be recognized by two such brave and talented woman. Upon receiving this acknowledgement I'm suppose to write 10 random facts about myself in order for my readers to get to know me a little more personally. Or maybe understand the madness behind the writing.

Fact one: Those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning know I love clothes, and love to shop. I may take my love of clothing a bit to far, I even worry about whether my pajamas match. It's a good thing that the panties labeled with the days on them aren't still popular, I would never be caught wearing Sunday's underwear on Friday (what would people think?). I wasn't always so fashion conscious in my youth though. My favorite Summertime outfits consisted of matching terry cloth shorts and shirts. For some strange reason I thought the shorts looked much better pulled all the way up to my armpits. Now I will give myself some credit, I was a beanpole, and I guess I thought if I pulled them up to my armpits, it would take them longer to slip down over my nonexistent butt!

Fact two: I didn't always want to be a teacher, in fact I hated playing school as a child, it meant I would have to write, which I hated doing (funny how things change). My big dream was to be an airline stewardess. Traveling to distant lands, romances with strangers, flying period was the ultimate high. My mom had a brilliant plan to help me with this glamorous career choice. When I graduated from high school she was going to send me to Germany to attend a Frauschule (which is a school back in the day, that teaches young woman how to be good housewives). That sounds so archaic now, I can't believe I was on board with this idea, I guess I'd do anything for my dream job (which I now believe is just a glamorized waitress). The purpose of this was that I would become fluent in German so that I could apply for a job at Lufthansa.

Fact three: My thoughts on marriage were quite unique. My big dream when I was in college was to marry a pastor. Being a pastors wife sounded amazing with me. I thought I would be perfect, I loved my God and His church. I loved to serve, I'm a pretty good cook for the many potlucks I'd be going to, being there to support my pastor husband while he supported his congregation sounded amazing. I didn't realize what a sacrificial life a wife of a pastor has, I'm glad God didn't grant that prayer, though it still sounds pretty cool. I did end up getting married, but he probably is the complete opposite to a pastor as you can get. For some silly reason I followed my hormones and not my smart brain. Though my marriage did last 23 years, 23 years of love, pain and deep suffering.

Fact four: My music choices are almost as random as I am. As a preteen and young teen I loved the Partridge Family. I swooned every time I heard David Cassidy sing "I think I love you". I liked BTO, Peter Frampton and Pink Floyd. But I have to admit I really, really loved the Go-go's, trying to dress like them, sing like them (I had a unrealistic biased opinion of my singing talents), I just wanted to be a Go-go! As a grown up, I mostly listen to pop Christian music.

Fact Five: I love to dance, though I have no talent for it. In my college years disco was quite popular, I would spend great quantities of time practicing my dance moves with my two best friends Bruce and Victor! We would take turns partnering like John Travolta and Karen Gorney, and then trying to do the hustle until we fell on the floor exhausted. Later in life, being a parent of teens, I would walk by their bedrooms and their music would wake up the inner dance diva in me, and my uncontrollable urge to dance would take over and I'd allow the dance diva to do her thing. Unfortunately my daughter considered my dancing entertaining in a not-so-complementary way, and my son would slam his door in utter embarrassment. Lucky for them the dance diva in me only comes out on rare occasions.

Fact six: I taste and smell color, the technical term is synethesia. I can see color when I'm eating food, and the color of the same food can change for many reasons. For example, a red delicious apple tastes yellow/brown, but the color I taste would depend on it's ripeness and variety. I discovered I had this special talent when a friend offered me some avocados from her tree, and I turned her down because they tasted brown. She asked me what I meant by tasting brown, and I told her that when I taste avocados I see brown when I eat them. She asked if other foods tasted like other colors and I said yes. It was then that I realized that everyone didn't tasted food in color.

Fact seven: I have had several dreams (maybe nightmares would be a better description) come true. I dream of people getting into accidents or being injured at work and that day the person I dreamed about has been injured in the exact same way as I dreamed. Often I haven't seen or thought of these people in years. It doesn't happen often, but I often question the validity of my dream until after reality has struck.

Fact eight: If I had unlimited time, energy and financial resources, I would go back to school and become a doctor. I have always had this inner sense of how my body works, what's wrong with me, and where the problems are. I would love to study and do on research myself, to get a deeper understanding of dysautonomia and how to cure it.

Fact nine: I was on a float once in a local parade. I wasn't chosen for any special beauty or talent, I was there because my precious little sister has cerebral palsy and they wanted her on the Elks club float. The Elks were sponsoring my sister, they paid for her crutches and anything else she needed that insurance didn't cover. The Elks club is filled with many kind and considerate men and woman who truly want to help those in need.

Fact ten: I'm really quite boring, and I can't think of any more random facts.

It's time to pass the baton or Sugar Doll award, and the Sugar doll award goes to (drum roll please) Laura Dysauto for her blog
The POTS ran away with my SPOONS. She shares her personal experiences with dysautonomia in a way that is easy to relate to.

Always inspired,

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  1. Thanks Michele! I'll be mentally compiling my facts while I'm away this weekend... though with my brain fog lately, I'll probably forget them by the time I am home LOL