Monday, December 27, 2010

Pajama Day

I promised myself that this winter break I would keep my social calender empty with a few minor exceptions of family events on the holidays. My two weeks would include pajama days filled with rest and relaxation.

I started things off with a day spent in my favorite blue snowflake thermal pajamas with a book I haven't read yet from my e-reader. I could feel the fatigue melting off my exhausted body with every page I turned (or clicked). A pajama day to be proud of.

On my second pajama day only my most comfy red flannels and softy snowman socks (try saying that 3 times in a row) would do! I decided I would treat myself to a marathon of The Nutcracker. The artistic direction most of these ballet's took inspired me to do a great deal of shouting at the TV like an angry football fan. I mean, who in their right mind would switch the sugar plum fairy solo with a duet with a sheep? There comes a point where artistic expression crosses over into rubbish! It was somewhere during the party scene that I began finding the commercials more entertaining than the ballet!

These commercials made my top 10 most memorable.

1. What is cable television without a Snuggies commercial. Gee, it comes in every shade of the rainbow, including animal print, camo (in case you need to hide from your loved ones) and Spongebob Square pants for the kids. Who doesn't need a poly-me-ester oversize blanket with sleeves. In my book, if it doesn't fit, don't wear it! I guess I can cross that one of my impulsive buyers shopping list!

2. RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) medication, within 20 seconds of listening to this commercial 90% of it's viewers have diagnosed themselves with this condition and are running to their phones to call the 800 number to get their free drug sample. Unfortunately while they're out of the room dialing, the announcer has spent 2 minutes on the long list of side effects this drug may cause.

3. Acutane lawsuit commercial. If you or a loved one has taken Acutane and has suffered one of the following conditions please call ****** law firm now at the 800 number below. Obviously this commercial came on quite a bit, and if my teaching job disappears I may consider doing commercials. I wouldn't be too surprised if the same law firm isn't representing patients who ended up taking the above RLS drug in a few years.

4. The upside down hanging tomato plant. Really? What's wrong with using a nice pot and growing tomatoes in the traditional way?

5.The 16 individual brownie pan. A definite impulsive shoppers must have, because it would look lovely collecting dust next to the Foreman Grill, Juicer and The Chopper!

6. The Cami Secret, just clip this onto your bra straps and instant cami! Woohoo, so how hard is it to actually wear a camisole? This so reminds me of the dickeys of the 70's, but at least the dickey replaced a long sleeve shirt, and the dickey didn't last very long so I'm sure Cami Secret isn't too far behind it.

7. Fat melting pills, just take the pill twice a day, and watch the fat melt off your body. I'm sure this commercial is popular with those who don't want to work a little for their weight loss!

8. Stretch mark removal cream, which follows the fat melting pill commercial. You will need this product after all the fat melts away and leaves your body with rubbery stretch marks. But you need to hurry for this one, the first 2 callers receive a free .25 sample, but don't fret the next 1 million callers who purchase our product will get one free! But wait, if you call within the next 5 minutes you'll also receive this travelers size bottle, just pay separate shipping and handling.

9. The shake weight, this commercial had me blushing within the first two seconds. The Shake weight is designed to tone woman's arms, but I'm sorry to me it looks like something hmmm... how to word this, I can't so you'll have to check out this commercial yourself, just check their web site @

10. So far my all time favorite commercial is the Schick Quatro Woman's bikini trimmer. This is a "they didn't" commercial. It starts off with three woman in short skirts and heels pushing pink lawn mowers singing about trimming below the belt. They pass different shaped shrubs singing the praises of the many shape options you have (oval, circle triangle and narrow rectangle). I kept telling myself they surely can't be showing this on TV, yet I couldn't stop watching giggling hysterically.
If you haven't seen it it's definitely a must see, it can be seen on u-tube titled "mow the lawn".

So unfortunately that's how I've been spending my first week of winter break, hopefully the second is much more exciting.

Inspired to spend my days more wisely,

Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the soul of the diligent is made fat.

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  1. I am giggling but only because I own the razor, my kids own a snuggie, I want the brownie pan, and I like the upside down tomato Now I must say that the reason I own those razors is because I found them REALLY cheap *sale and coupons* and they are great for shaving my legs and instead of the purpose they are advertised for, my husband uses the electric grooming part without the cap and trims my neckline for I agree on the snuggies, they are only pulled out when the kids want a "princess robe" to trail behind them. Personally I like the huge fleecy zip up blanket you wear (JC Penneys I think). oh and the brownie pan, that thing would be SO good for me!!! lol I seriously want one! :) Glad you took some PJ days. I've done that yesterday and today. It's not by choice, but necessary. I have so much to do around here! But probably will need at least 2 more days of minimal effort just to be recoup from Christmas! Happy New Year friend! HUGS