Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to Blame?

I'm writing this unable to read what I'm writing or really able to check my errors. So please excuse any flubs I may miss on this page. My reading vision this week has become quite blurry, I can only read for very short periods of time, and my eyes and head hurt when I try to focus on anything longer than a sentence. I have tried my reading glasses, but there is no improvement. This new development is cramping my life style. I love to read and really enjoy writing my blog.

Trying to pinpoint the cause of this new symptom in my health has become difficult. Is this a new POTS symptom or just some "normal" health issue. Since I've been diagnosed with POTS almost three years ago ten out of every ten new symptom that has mysteriously popped up has been linked to POTS. It's only natural that when something new comes up my first thought is "oh great another POTS symptom!". And if I'm being completely honest with myself this new symptom seems to feel connected with feeling like I'm constantly lacking oxygen. I'm always feeling dizzy and tingly on my lips, nose, scalp and tongue.

Struggling with reading is very irritating! I am an avid reader, I prefer reading over TV. I'm not able to enjoy my favorite past time either, chatting with my friends on Facebook. Reading more than a few status post gives me a headache and I feel extremely guilty not responding to my friends. I can hear the shouts of "bad friend" in my head, but true friends will understand. I am really thankful that I teach kindergarten since all the print is super-de-duper large, it hasn't really taken an effect on my teaching ability.

I so have a tendency to ignore many of my symptoms. I've learned to just accept them and move on, but my vision and ability to read is something I refuse to ignore. I'm hoping I'm wrong about it being a POTS symptom and my vision issues are just a sign of my "normal" aging. Maybe the real Gurtie is looking my way and I'm really getting old (God forbid!). I'll find out for sure on Friday during my appointment with my optometrist.

Maybe just Gurtie,


  1. I'm sorry about that new symptom : /
    Ha-true about kindergarten, at least you don't have research papers to grade!

  2. I get blurry vision sporadically. I am not sure if it is the POTS, but I kind of think it probably is. Sigh. I feel ya.