Monday, April 9, 2012

In Search for Mr. Clean

To clean or not to clean? That is a question I ask myself every time I pull out the cleaning products in hopes of putting some sort of dent in a house that appears to be over-run by dust bunnies, shower grunge and the science experiment in the toilet. I'm not a lazy person and I really don't mind house keeping chores, but my evil POTS nemesis doesn't seem to want to take on house keeping chores. My lungs seem to close up and the rest of my body becomes useless. It often takes a full day to make up for 30 minutes of cleaning the shower. Now many of you may be thinking maybe POTS has its advantages. Giving up house keeping doesn't sound like such a bad thing. But living in a dirty house is just gross! Who wants to bathe in shower grunge, collect dust bunnies on the bottom of your socks or barf in the science experiment growing in the toilet(ew!).

So yesterday as I was laying in bed surrounded by pillows, trying to recover from the POTS revolt over cleaning the grunge covered shower. I began trying to solve the cleaning issue. I visualize the cleaning products that have triggered all the problems and then I see the solution is simple, and has been staring at me from the bottle of my floor cleaner for years, "Mr. Clean"! I need to find me a real life "Mr. Clean"! So now the problem is finding "Mr. Clean". I guess the first place to look is on one of those dating sites with catchy names like (fake name). I can just see the post "Looking for a man to clean the grunge in my shower, the science experiment growing in my toilet, loves to eradicate dust bunnies, is attracted to pasty white skin, purple feet, doctors visits, likes ER's, enjoys laying around watching TV and has a sense of humor! I can see the lines forming as I write.

Hmmmm.... maybe I need to come up with a second option. I could ask my adult children living at home. I just dislike asking them to become my own personal slaves, they do so much already. I could also start trying new cleaning products, hopefully something earth friendly.

I have to say part of the fun of writing my blog is finding pictures to go with my post. This week was truly entertaining. There were Mr. Clean imitations, altered Mr. Clean men, and even a few almost nude men with cleaning products strategically placed. There were a few pictures of gentlemen who looked like they would be a nice addition to my humble abode.

Inspired to giggle,

Since I'm in a cleaning mood;
Psalm 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God,
And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

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